Thursday, February 24, 2011


Note: all the recipes are low sugar (low sucrose).

Side Dishes:

Broad beans (fava beans, steamed or grilled)
Colcannon (mashed potatoes with greens)
Empanadas (filled with chard and cheese)
Kale and Dulse Saute (with instructions on how to clean freshly harvested dulse)
Kale Chips 
Millet Polenta
Roasted Sunchokes (Jerusalem Artichokes with instructions on how to grow your own and store)
Seaweed Salad (Japanese inspired) 
Simple Seedy Crackers (Grain free)
Soda Bread (and variations)
Tapioca buns (Pan de Yucca, gluten free)
Ukrainian Salat Vinaigrette (root vegetable salad)
Vegan Mushroom Pate (nut free) 

Main Dishes
Braised Lentils 
Buckwheat Pilaf 
Calendula Baked Eggs (with braised greens)
Crispy Vegetable Hash
Farinata (traditional Italian chickpea bread)
Greek Inspired Baked Beans (my own invention based)
Mexican Pie
Millet Quiche Crust  
Miso Soup (a hearty complete meal)
Moussaka (made with lentils and mixed veg)
Nut burgers/balls (can be made nut free too)
Pierogi /Vareniki (whole grain dough variation)
Pizzaiola (vegetarian, grain free, Italian dinner)
Ravioli (spinach and ricotta)
Scafata di Fave (Italain broad bean/fava bean stew)
Sirene po Shopski (Baked cheese and egg stew) 
Socca (A grain-free chickpea crepe)
Stinging Nettle Subj (and information on harvesting nettle)
Tacos (filling made from lentils)
Vegetarian Korma (an indian flavored black bean and mushroom dish)
Vegetarian Pot Pie (or a traditional pastie)
Vietnamese Salad Rolls (with nutty dipping sauce) 
Winter Vegetable Crumble (a delicious winter casserole)

Sugarless Sweet Things
Almond Scones (grain free)
Any Kind of Muffin (can be gluten free, vegan, whatever you want!)
Baked Fruit Pancake (a breakfast or dessert!)
Bunnie Munchies (an high energy snack, gluten free)
Carrot Cake (with a crunchy sesame seed exterior)
Chia Seed Puddings (chocolate, berry or black forest. Grain free and vegan options)
Chocolate Cherry Cheesecake
Chocolate Orange Cake (grain free and dairy free) 
Chocolate Peanut Butter Cake (gluten free, dairy free and delicious)
Chocolate Upright Pear Cake (not free of anything, but an elegant and delicious cake for all occasions)
Chocolate Wafer Cookies
Date Cheesecake (grain free, sugar free)
Doughnut Muffins (taste just like cake-style doughnuts)
Espresso Brownies (can be made gluten free)
Gooseberry Cobbler
Honey Chocolates (a hard chocolate for molds, barks, chips and dipping)
Honey Rye Cookies
Irish Moss Pudding (and instructions on how to use Irish Moss)
Pumpkin Cookies
Pumpkin Pie Custard (grain free and dairy free, made in the slow cooker)
Raw Chocolate Truffles (for the raw-foodie in your life... or anyone looking for a tasty treat!)
Silk Road Rice Pudding
Spotted Dick Pudding (steamed fruit pudding)
Sweetheart Cookies (a rolled eggless cookie recipe that can be adapted to suit any diet)
Tea Brack (a baked dried fruit cake)

Other Recipes
Basic Biscuits (grain-free, a flexible recipe to make while travelling)
Canning with wax paper (a brief review on canning methods without using the standard canning lids)
Camping food recipes (lentil pasta stew and quinoa salad)
Cottage Cheese (variations on types and styles)
Elderberry Cordial (including general directions for harvesting Elderberries)
Hoisin Sauce (for Stir-fries)
Pomegranate Juice
Popcorn (5 different flavours mixes that are all homemade)
Porridge (cultured - fermented overnight)
Saurkraut (in a mason jar)
Sodas (homemade fizzy drinks with ginger and mint syrups)
Sprouts (bean and lentil sprouting to improve digestion)
Salsa (large batch for canning)
Yogurt (and yogurt cheese)

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